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2021 SANY SCC1000A Crawler Crane

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Specs for SANY SCC1000A Crawler Crane

Brand SANY
Model SCC1000A-6
Type Crawler Crane
Made Year 2021/06
Running Hours 2669 h
Boom Length 13-64 m
Max. Lifting Capacity 100 Ton
Max. Lifting Moment
203.5 t·m

Description for SANY SCC1000A Crawler Crane

Step into the realm of extraordinary lifting prowess with the 2021 SANY SCC1000A Crawler Crane. Crafted for excellence, this crane stands as a testament to SANY’s commitment to innovation. Sporting a robust operational history of approximately 2669 hours, it guarantees reliability and performance.

Boasting a remarkable 100-ton lifting capacity, this crane is primed to handle challenging tasks with ease. Its versatile boom length of 13-64 meters ensures adaptability across various projects, from construction to heavy-duty industrial applications.

Experience the high cost-effectiveness and exceptional performance of the 2021 SANY SCC1000A Crawler Crane. Elevate your lifting capabilities and redefine success in your projects with this extraordinary equipment.


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