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2020 SANY SY5352THB Concrete Pump Truck

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Specs for SANY SY5352THB Concrete Pump Truck

Brand SANY
Model SY5352THB
Type Concrete Pump Truck
Total Weight 35000 kg
Made Year 03/2020
Running Hours 8620 h
Max. Vetical Height 52 m
Max. Horizontal Reach 47 m
Max. Theoretical Output 180 m3/h
Max. Theoretical Pressure 13 Mpa

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Description for SANY SY5352THB Concrete Pump Truck

The 2020 SANY SY5352THB Concrete Pump Truck is a reliable, powerful and efficient concrete delivery solution. With a total weight of 35000 kg, this concrete pump truck was made in 03/2020 and is powered by a D13C460S EUV engine. This engine provides a maximum net power of 338kW, allowing it to deliver a maximum theoretical output of 180 m3/h and a maximum theoretical pressure of 13 MPa.

This makes it an ideal choice for large scale construction projects. This 2020 SANY SY5352THB Concrete Pump Truck is a used concrete pump that offers excellent value for money. It is easy to maintain and its powerful engine allows for a fast and efficient delivery of concrete. This used SANY Concrete Pump is the perfect solution for larger construction projects, helping to deliver concrete quickly and effectively. The 2020 SANY SY5352THB Concrete Pump Truck is also a great choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient used concrete pump.



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