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2018 Volvo EC300D Medium Crawler Excavator

Specs for Volvo EC300D Crawler Excavator

Brand Volvo
Model EC300D
Type Crawler Excavator
Year of Manufacture 2018
Running Hours 5500 h
Max. Cube Bucket 2.02 m3
Net Power 170 kW / 230 hp
GVW (Kg) 27,700 – 33,100 kg

Description for Volvo EC300D Crawler Excavator

When it comes to heavy-duty excavation, the 2018 Volvo EC300D Medium Crawler Excavator stands out as a powerful and reliable workhorse. Manufactured in 2018, this excavator has proven itself with 5500 hours of operation, showcasing its durability and dependability.

One of its standout features is the 2.02 m3 cube bucket, which allows for efficient and quick excavation. With a net power of 170 kW (230 horsepower), this excavator effortlessly handles even the toughest digging tasks.

Whether you’re in construction, mining, or any industry that demands excavation, the Volvo EC300D is designed to optimize your productivity. Its impressive power and capacity make it a valuable asset on any job site, ensuring that you complete tasks efficiently and on schedule.

Invest in the 2018 Volvo EC300D Crawler Excavator to unearth new levels of efficiency and productivity in your projects.


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