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2016 Sany STC1000A Truck Crane

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Specs for Sany STC1000A Truck Crane

Brand SANY
Type Truck Crane
Model STC1000A
Made Year 2016
Running Hours 8000 h
BOOM(Main+Auxiliary) 71.5(77.5)m
Max. Lifting Capacity 100 Ton
Total Weight 45870 kg
Emission Standard  EURO 5

Description of Sany STC1000A Truck Crane

Introducing the 2016 Sany STC1000A Truck Crane, a true powerhouse in the world of heavy machinery. Crafted for excellence, this crane boasts a remarkable lifting capacity of 100 tons, making it your go-to choice for tackling the most demanding lifting tasks.

With its impressive 56m main boom and an additional 15.5m auxiliary boom, this crane provides the reach and versatility you need on the job. Built in 2016 and with 8000 hours on the clock, it’s in prime condition and ready for action.

Furthermore, this crane is EURO 5 emissions standard compliant, offering both power and environmental responsibility. It has been thoughtfully repainted and meticulously maintained, ensuring not only optimal performance but also a sharp appearance on the construction site.

Make a smart investment in your construction endeavors with the 2016 Sany STC1000A Truck Crane – the epitome of reliability, power, and efficiency.


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