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Used 55t 2018 SANY Crawler Crane for Sale

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Specs for SANY Crawler Crane for Sale

Brand SANY
Model SCC550A
Type Crawler Crane
Made Year 2018
Running Hours 6500 h
Max. Boom Length 52 m
Max. Lifting Capacity 55 Ton
Max. Lifting Moment
203.5 t·m

Description for SANY Crawler Crane for Sale

Introducing the Used 2018 SANY Crawler Crane for Sale, a reliable and efficient lifting solution for your construction projects. This crawler crane, manufactured by SANY, delivers exceptional performance and durability, making it a valuable addition to your fleet.

The Used 2018 SANY Crawler Crane features a robust construction and advanced technology that enables it to handle heavy lifting tasks with ease. With its impressive lifting capacity and long-reaching boom, this crane is suitable for a wide range of applications. It offers stability and safety during operation, ensuring precise and accurate lifting.

This SANY Crawler Crane has been meticulously inspected and maintained, guaranteeing its reliability and performance. It provides cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your lifting capabilities with this used SANY Crawler Crane. Contact us today to learn more and make it a valuable asset for your construction projects.

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